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Guided ATV Tours & Other Adventures

A guided ATV tour to the pristine wilderness of Alaska
or even enjoy a side trip to the High Actic for Polar Bear viewing
and visiting Eskimo whaling camps, --- the perfect compliments to your Alaskan Vacation.


Alaska ATV Adventures

We are proud to provide visitors to our great State an opportunity to ride among the most spectacular mountains and wildlife imaginable.

Enjoy our guided 4 wheeler tours from 3 hours to full day trips based out of Anchorage, Alaska. We also offer team building and combination ATV/Kayak trips. Customized longer trips also available.

3 hour, 5 hour or full day tours starting at $155.00 per person, with custom tours available

Team building (corporate and private groups) - ATVs, gold panning, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, trap shooting, sporting clays, and many other exciting options.

A guided ATV tour is the perfect compliment to your Alaska Cruise Vacation. Please visit our website by clicking here.


Alaska Backcountry
Adventure Tours

Alaska Backcountry goes exploring all summer long on first rate ATV tours that make those gigantic glaciers seem even bigger! Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours can customize all of your tours to fit your schedule and experience level. We have three main Summer ATV / four wheeler tour packages to consider or if you're visiting in the Winter, check out our snowmobile tours.

For more information, click here.

    Polar Bear & Eskimo Whaling Tours & Adventure

    Arctic Air Expeditions

    Our high Arcic adventures are based out of Barrow, Alaska. A visit to this mystic and remote Arctic land with its friendly and hardy Eskimo people is something that will create fond and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

    In addition to Bowhead whales, Walrus, and several species of seals, Polar bears also follow the pack ice. A variety of wildlife allows hunting most of the year for the land supports bands of Caribou, Arctic wolves, foxes, squirrels, lemmings, and 5 species of Salmon in addition to Trout, Greyling, and Whitefish. Waterfowl such as Murres, gulls, geese and ducks swarm into the Arctic in the spring, nesting in the rookeries on the sea cliffs where the Eskimos harvest eggs by hanging from ropes sometimes 400 feet above the surf below.

    Please visit our website by clicking here.

    whale boat


    polar bear
    Photo courtesy of Arctic Air Expeditions

    A guided side trip to the High Actic
    for Polar Bear viewing and visiting Eskimo whaling camps, or a guided ATV tour, is indeed the perfect compliment to your Alaska Vacation.
    Also, please visit ourAlaska Wildlife Viewing section for more Alaskan outdoor tours and adventure.

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